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Best By, Use By: New Bill Helps Clarify Date Label Confusion

Expert BlogUnited StatesNina Sevilla

Date labeling inconsistencies are one of the leading causes of food waste in the U.S. The power to standardize date labels lies with the federal government and a bi-partisan group of legislators has just introduced bills in the House and…

Celebrating Year One of the Food Matters Regional Initiative

Expert BlogChicago, Cincinnati, Detroit, Madison, Ohio, Baltimore, Jersey City, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Washington, D.C., Atlanta, North Carolina, Memphis, OrlandoMadeline Keating, Darby Hoover

A year after the launch of the Food Matters Regional Initiative, we are pleased to report considerable progress and accomplishments from the 15 regional initiative participants.

House Report: Food & Ag Can Help Solve Climate Crisis

Expert BlogUnited StatesAllison Johnson, Lara Bryant, Darby Hoover
Now is the time to be bold with our action plans and building sustainable systems that support our communities and food systems that protect our climate. Given that food production and agriculture are major contributors to climate change, so, too…

Giving Thanks and Wasting Less

Expert BlogYvette Cabrera
Thanksgiving is a time for coming together at the same table to share delicious food with the people who matter most to you. Unfortunately, it has the added side effect of massive amounts of food, money and resources going to…

Dar Gracias Desperdiciando Menos

Expert BlogYvette Cabrera
Te comparto, de mi experiencia personal, unos consejos para reducir la cantidad de alimentos que se desperdician en tu hogar en el Día de Acción de Gracias al igual que a pensar en maneras de cómo ayudar a otros que…

The Quest for Cleaner Plates

Expert BlogUnited StatesJoAnne Berkenkamp

Whether it’s because the serving was just too big, the side dish wasn’t your favorite, or a trip through the buffet line got out of hand, customers in dining halls and other food service settings are wasting a lot of…

Protecting Lands is Urgent Step in Climate Action

Press Release
WASHINGTON - A Special Report on Lands and Climate Change released today by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) underscores both the fierce urgency to take action and the opportunities ahead when it comes to land-use decisions.

To Keep Global Food Supply Secure: More Plants, Less Waste

Expert BlogSujatha Bergen, JoAnne Berkenkamp
With strong action in homes, corporate boardrooms, and legislatures around the country to help people eat more plants and waste less food, we can realize the climate-fighting potential on our plates.

Saving the Planet Starts With Our Plates

Expert BlogSujatha Bergen, JoAnne Berkenkamp
What we eat plays a big role in the fight against climate change. Eating more plants and wasting less good food are vital places to start.