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House Bill to Thwart Clean Water Rule Deserves a Veto

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WASHINGTON (May 12, 2015) -- The House is expected this evening to approve legislation designed to eviscerate an impending Clean Water rule by the Obama Administration that would restore protections to tens of millions of acres of wetlands and thousands…

House Committees Approving Two Major Anti-Environmental Bills

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WASHINGTON (April 15, 2015) – Two House committees are expected to report out bills today that would significantly damage the environment. The Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure approved a bill that would block a proposed Clean Water Rule that would…

More Than a Drop in the Bucket

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Making sure the Clean Water Act covers small streams and headwaters would protect the drinking water of millions of Americans.

Farm Bureau Ducks NRDC Challenge to Debate Clean Water Rule

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WASHINGTON (July 15, 2014)—The American Farm Bureau Federation has tried to duck a challenge from the Natural Resources Defense Council to a public debate over the bureau’s willful misrepresentations regarding a new clean water proposal, which is now under assault…