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CA Clean Buildings Progress Report: 2022

Expert BlogCaliforniaKiki Velez, Merrian Borgeson
California’s progress offers a roadmap for transitioning to healthy, clean, and efficient buildings. What's next for the decarbonization leader?

Paris Climate Agreement: Everything You Need to Know

GuideInternationalMelissa Denchak
The Paris Agreement charted a new course in the effort to combat global climate change, requiring countries to make commitments and progressively strengthen them. Here’s what the accord seeks to achieve, and why our future may depend on its success.

Job for Day 1: Restore & Expand Efficiency Standards Program

Expert BlogUnited States, Washington, D.C.Kit Kennedy
When President-elect Joe Biden takes office, he’ll lead the United States in a time in which our country faces intertwined crises related to climate change, COVID-19 and its related economic effects, and racial injustice. Ambitious, cross-cutting and well-designed climate action…

The Time Is Now to Stand with Clean Energy Workers

Expert BlogUnited StatesLara Ettenson
All sectors of the U.S. economy have been pummeled by the COVID-19 pandemic, making it critical to support all those whose jobs have been affected, such as by including worker protections in federal stimulus packages.

NRDC Responds to COVID-19

Expert BlogUnited StatesNRDC
This unprecedented public health crisis requires bold, equitable, and science-based action.

Nevada Increases Energy Efficiency Savings Targets, Again

Expert BlogPatricia Valderrama, Noah Long
The Public Utilities Commission of Nevada (PUCN) approved a $55 million budget for energy efficiency and demand-side management programs in 2020 for the state’s largest electric utility, NV Energy. Investing in energy efficiency saves customers money on their bills, improves…

California Sets a Bold Path for Energy Efficiency Innovation

Expert BlogLara Ettenson
Fighting the climate crisis requires new ideas to dramatically cut the dangerous pollution responsible for changing our environment and harming our health. The California Public Utilities Commission recently voted unanimously to do just that when it approved a decision and…

Energy Efficiency: The Planet’s Superhero

Expert BlogInternationalLara Ettenson
The fourth annual Energy Efficiency Day planned Wednesday reminds us energy efficiency is the cheapest, fastest answer to fighting climate problems.

La eficiencia energética: la superheroína del planeta

Expert BlogInternationalLara Ettenson
En una era de cambio climático acelerado, cuando estamos presenciando incendios forestales, inundaciones, y tormentas sin precedentes, no existe un mejor momento para recordarle al mundo lo que la eficiencia energética ofrece para contrarrestar el cambio climático.

California Sets the Path Toward a Clean Electric Grid

Expert BlogMohit Chhabra
The California Public Utilities Commission just affirmed its commitment to our state's environmental goals by making sure that all companies responsible for providing power to Californians must comply with the Golden State’s carbon reduction mandates.

Public Power Efficiency: Progress but More Savings Possible

Expert BlogLara Ettenson
California’s publicly owned utilities have made great strides helping their customers cut electricity waste, saving $4.3 billion in total through lower electricity bills over the past 12 years, which amounts to nearly $3 for every $1 invested after accounting for…

California Sets Off on Another Bold Path to Save Energy

Expert BlogLara Ettenson
The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) unanimously approved the first ever set of business plans developed by administrators that manage the majority of the state’s energy efficiency programs. These plans lay out short-, mid-, and long-term strategies through 2025 to…