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CA Clean Buildings Progress Report: 2022

Expert BlogCaliforniaKiki Velez, Merrian Borgeson
California’s progress offers a roadmap for transitioning to healthy, clean, and efficient buildings. What's next for the decarbonization leader?

New Energy Efficiency Rules Will Cut Carbon & Lower Costs

Expert BlogCaliforniaLara Ettenson, Mohit Chhabra

With the sixth annual Energy Efficiency Day planned for Wednesday, it’s a good time to remember that efficiency is one of the most effective ways to fight dangerous climate pollution and catalyze action to address historic underinvestment in vulnerable communities.

Many States Lead on Energy Efficiency; More Needed

Expert BlogUnited StatesLara Ettenson
Clean energy, including energy efficiency, has struggled to maintain momentum in a year marked by a global pandemic, racial and social unrest, economic hardship, and subsequent recession.

The Role of Gas Efficiency in the Time of Electrification

Expert BlogUnited StatesAlejandra Mejia Cunningham
Energy efficiency programs need to prioritize: Improving the efficiency of building “envelopes;” addressing the pressing needs of under-resourced (low-income) communities and communities of color; and eliminating incentives for building new homes that use gas.

CA's $1 Billion for Efficiency Now Open to Electrification

Expert BlogCaliforniaMerrian Borgeson

The California Public Utilities Commission unanimously voted to update an efficiency policy to allow access to funding if an appliance saves energy and reduces air pollution, regardless of the technology.

Energy Efficiency Advice: Run a Marathon for the Best Impact

Expert BlogLara Ettenson
Customers benefit more when energy efficiency programs focus on savings over the long haul. That is the conclusion of a new report from the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE), which found that by shifting to a longer-term focus…

Stellar Energy Efficiency Programs Cut Costs and Pollution

Expert BlogLara Ettenson
Even as climate change indicators grow increasingly ominous, with 2018 marking the fourth-warmest year in a row on record, you needn’t look further than actions you can take in your home or business to combat climate change. That’s the conclusion…

Public Power Efficiency: Progress but More Savings Possible

Expert BlogLara Ettenson
California’s publicly owned utilities have made great strides helping their customers cut electricity waste, saving $4.3 billion in total through lower electricity bills over the past 12 years, which amounts to nearly $3 for every $1 invested after accounting for…

California Sets Off on Another Bold Path to Save Energy

Expert BlogLara Ettenson
The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) unanimously approved the first ever set of business plans developed by administrators that manage the majority of the state’s energy efficiency programs. These plans lay out short-, mid-, and long-term strategies through 2025 to…

States Lead the Way on Energy Efficiency as Feds Falter

Expert BlogLara Ettenson
A recent report card of state energy efficiency policies and programs shows that even in this era of partisan divide, blue and red states alike are embracing smarter energy use as a key strategy for reducing harmful pollution, saving consumers…