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Senate’s EV Investments Will Cut Energy Bills and Pollution

Expert BlogUnited StatesDr. Simon Mui, Luke Tonachel, Deron Lovaas

The newly released Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 has strong provisions for reducing consumers’ pain at the gas pump, supporting American manufacturing and energy security, and improving public health and the climate by cutting pollution.

Bold Action on Vehicles Needed to Meet Historic Climate Goal

Expert BlogUnited StatesRoland Hwang
The Biden administration should set strong clean cars standards to put us on track for sales of 55% zero emission, electric vehicles by 2030, and Congress should adopt transformational investments in charging infrastructure, manufacturing, consumer incentives, and transit and safe…

Paris Climate Agreement: Everything You Need to Know

GuideInternationalMelissa Denchak
The Paris Agreement charted a new course in the effort to combat global climate change, requiring countries to make commitments and progressively strengthen them. Here’s what the accord seeks to achieve, and why our future may depend on its success.

Nevada Accelerates on Clean Cars

Expert BlogNevadaPatricia Valderrama, Noah Long
Governor Sisolak’s administration took a vital step today to reduce climate-warming and health-harming pollution from cars and trucks: initiating a Clean Cars rulemaking.

We Need Cleaner Cars to Avoid Dangerous Climate Change

Expert BlogLuke Tonachel
The Trump administration seems not to care that we are headed toward climate catastrophe with carbon dioxide pollution driving global average temperatures up some 6 degrees Fahrenheit (°F) and rendering places that hundreds of millions of people call home virtually…

2019 Saw Deep Decarb Pledges: 2020s Will Require Bold Action

Expert BlogSamantha Williams
No trends defined 2019 more than the wave of deep decarbonization commitments from utilities, coupled with a new dominance for gas-fired power nationally. 2019 was a record-breaking year for emissions, driven, in part, by a sharp uptick in gas-fired power…

Bipartisan Group of States Take Steps to Cut Truck Pollution

Expert BlogDr. Simon Mui, Patricio Portillo
Top environmental officials from 8 states and DC took a bold step towards protecting our nation’s air and cutting carbon emissions from the transportation sector by signing a joint agreement to accelerate the electric truck and bus market.

We Know How to Cut Climate Pollution But Need Political Will

Expert BlogUnited StatesLara Ettenson

According to a new analysis by the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE)—Halfway There: Energy Efficiency Can Cut Energy Use and Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Half by 2050—the great news is that we already have the tools to affordably…

Electric Vehicle Basics

Expert BlogMadhur Boloor, Patricia Valderrama, Ada Statler, Samuel Garcia
Curious about how an electric vehicle works and whether it's actually better for the environment? Spoiler: it is. Allow us to explain.