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CAFE Penalty Rule Case Documents

Legal filingsUnited States
Browse some of the cases and documents related to our efforts to protect and strengthen the Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) standards that benefit consumers, public health, and the planet.

Trump’s Last Havoc on Behalf of Polluters

Expert BlogLuke Tonachel
The administration is leaving office with a reward for automakers who refuse to make more fuel-efficient vehicles. But the list of these last-minute gifts to the administration’s polluter pals is long and growing.

2020 Laid Groundwork for Bold Climate Action in 2021

Expert BlogRoland Hwang
In 2021, the U.S. has a critical opportunity to avert an even worse climate crisis, by building off of the lessons of 2020, which points to a more unifying approach to tackle the climate, economic, and racial justice crises in…

Climate Is Both Biggest Risk and Biggest Opportunity

Expert BlogRoland Hwang
The warning signs on the disruptive effects of climate change are now blinking bright yellow, with the latest signal coming last week from the global financial community. It’s now becoming clear what the dangerous consequences are of the shaky assumption…

2020: The Year of No Regrets

Expert BlogGina McCarthy
As we head into the new year, we must embrace change and do all we can to protect and sustain the natural resources we need to survive and the special places we call home. Our lives depend on it.

Massachusetts Approves New EV Program

Expert BlogNoah Garcia
The Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities just approved National Grid’s $25 million proposal to support electric vehicles (EV) in the Commonwealth by providing charging infrastructure where residents live, work, and play. As one of the largest utility initiatives approved outside…