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New Mexico's Hydrogen Hub Needs Climate Guardrails

Expert BlogNew MexicoNoah Long, Rachel Fakhry, Jacqueline Ennis

New Mexico's hydrogen hub effort must be accompanied by a more comprehensive climate legislation package, which is New Mexico’s best chance to cut emissions and promote long-term economic stability, as well as policy guardrails to mitigate the risks of hydrogen…

New Energy Efficiency Rules Will Cut Carbon & Lower Costs

Expert BlogCaliforniaLara Ettenson, Mohit Chhabra

With the sixth annual Energy Efficiency Day planned for Wednesday, it’s a good time to remember that efficiency is one of the most effective ways to fight dangerous climate pollution and catalyze action to address historic underinvestment in vulnerable communities.

How to Design Building Electrification Programs that Work

Expert BlogAlejandra Mejia Cunningham
As policymakers in several states realize the importance of efficient electrification of the country’s buildings to fight climate change, the next question that needs answering is how to help Americans upgrade to healthier, more efficient appliances that are powered with…

AEO 2020: Renewables Clinch Power Sector

Expert BlogRachel Fakhry, Robert Harding
Renewable energy races ahead of coal and gas in the United States--but to achieve the Paris Climate Agreement more policy action is needed.

California Can Make Lowly Water Heaters Mighty Climate Tools

Expert BlogPierre Delforge, Merrian Borgeson
In a groundbreaking vote, California has allocated nearly $45 million toward boosting highly efficient electric heat pump technology that can help avoid burning fossil fuels to heat our water, as well as store California’s abundant pollution-free solar energy to give…

Energy Efficiency: The Planet’s Superhero

Expert BlogInternationalLara Ettenson
The fourth annual Energy Efficiency Day planned Wednesday reminds us energy efficiency is the cheapest, fastest answer to fighting climate problems.

We Know How to Cut Climate Pollution But Need Political Will

Expert BlogUnited StatesLara Ettenson

According to a new analysis by the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE)—Halfway There: Energy Efficiency Can Cut Energy Use and Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Half by 2050—the great news is that we already have the tools to affordably…

Global Effort to Decarbonize Buildings Is Accelerating

Expert BlogInternationalMerrian Borgeson

Efficient electrification of heating and strong investment in energy efficiency are the lowest cost and best paths to decarbonize our buildings, in the U.S. and around the world.

Beneficial Electrification: Plug In for the Greener Grid!

Expert BlogVignesh Gowrishankar
“Beneficial electrification,” a new catchphrase in the energy world, refers to the growing recognition that using clean electricity to keep our homes and businesses running is cheaper, greener, and a smarter way to meet our energy needs.

Empowering Utilities to Lead on Energy Efficiency with REV

Expert BlogSneha Ayyagari, Miles Farmer
As Governor Cuomo prepares to announce a comprehensive energy efficiency framework on Earth Day and continues to move forward with New York’s Reforming the Energy Vision (REV) strategy, it is important to remember the role that utilities can play in…