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Forward Progress at COP27 in Egypt and the Path Ahead

Expert BlogInternational, United StatesJake Schmidt, Joe Thwaites, Brendan Guy, Sameer Kwatra, Carolina Herrera, Shruti Shukla, Alvin Lin, Jennifer Skene
Countries leave COP27 showing that they can deliver more equity, implementation, and ambition in the global response to climate change.

CA Building Decarbonization: What’s Coming in 2022?

Expert BlogCaliforniaKiki Velez, Merrian Borgeson

In recent years, California has been a leader in the global effort to tackle climate change through a transition to clean, safe, and healthy all-electric buildings—but more is needed to meet the state’s fast-approaching climate goals.

Hydrogen in Buildings: The Poster Child of Tech-Crastination

Expert BlogUnited StatesRachel Fakhry, Merrian Borgeson

Tech-crastination is an appropriate characterization of the gas industry’s claims around the suitability of hydrogen as a solution to decarbonize buildings, even though heating homes with hydrogen is one of the least-efficient and most costly options available.

States Can Leverage SNAP for Healthy Food & Strong Economies

Expert BlogMargaret Brown, Sara Imperiale
Every family has the right to a healthy and varied diet, but in too many communities, fresh produce is not available or affordable. As part of a package of policies that expand and strengthen SNAP in the face of the…

Empowering Utilities to Lead on Energy Efficiency with REV

Expert BlogSneha Ayyagari, Miles Farmer
As Governor Cuomo prepares to announce a comprehensive energy efficiency framework on Earth Day and continues to move forward with New York’s Reforming the Energy Vision (REV) strategy, it is important to remember the role that utilities can play in…