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Tuning into Better Measurement of TV Energy Use

Expert BlogUnited StatesNoah Horowitz
Today’s new televisions are getting bigger and often come with a wide range of new features. But it’s difficult to assess how much more these new televisions cost and pollute due to shortcomings in the official test used for measuring…

More Proof of the Amazing Impact of Energy Efficiency

Expert BlogLara Ettenson
Energy efficiency – the quickest way to cut energy waste in our homes, workplaces, and vehicles – spans so many facets of daily life that it's easy to take it for granted. In fact, a new sweeping, data-driven report (Energy…

DOE About to Make an Appliance Efficiency Testing Error

Expert BlogJoe Vukovich
A recently proposed “update” to DOE’s Appliance and Equipment Standards Program—which is saving consumers billions of dollars annually on their utility bills while reducing the harmful air pollution from generating energy to run their appliances and equipment—would allow manufacturers to…

DOE Proposal Sets Hurdles for Efficiency Standards

Expert BlogLauren Urbanek
The Department of Energy (DOE) today announced major—and unnecessary—changes to its procedures for administering its unequivocally successful energy efficiency standards program, which currently saves the average U.S. household at least $500 annually and prevents the millions of tons of climate-warming…

The Year in Energy Savings, 2018

Expert BlogLauren Urbanek
Remarkable progress has been made to decrease the energy intensity of our appliances, equipment, and buildings, and we aren't stopping in 2019.

ENERGY STAR Delivers Big for America: Why Put It at Risk?

Expert BlogNoah Horowitz
Imagine owning a brand that’s both well-known and widely trusted by consumers and businesses all over America. Now imagine that it turns a $50 million annual investment into $30+ billion worth of annual customer utility bill savings, and has resulted…