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California’s Rooftop Solar Net Metering Program

Expert BlogCaliforniaNRDC
California is in the midst of seeking input from stakeholders, through a California Public Utilities Commission process, to evolve its approach to its net metering rooftop solar program in a manner that accounts for emerging needs and market trends.

CA Budget Approves Historic Clean Transportation Investments

Expert BlogCaliforniaMiles Muller

State legislators and Governor Newsom just signed a historic California budget that includes unprecedented levels of investment in clean transportation. The new funding will provide significant support for critical zero-emission vehicle and infrastructure programs, unlocking billions in public health, climate…

The West Coast: Carbon Free by 2045 . . . or Earlier

Expert BlogWest, California, Oregon, WashingtonRalph Cavanagh

HB 2021, Oregon’s “100% Clean Electricity” bill just approved by the legislature and sent to Governor Brown’s desk for signing, aligns with New York for the most aggressive state clean electricity goal in the country—zero greenhouse gas emissions in the…

Let’s Ride These Heatwaves with Heat Pump Technology

Expert BlogMerrian Borgeson
Heat pumps are a super-efficient electric technology for heating (and cooling) homes and heating water. They also offer a tool to help families cope with heatwaves, poor air quality, and rolling blackouts because heat pumps offer affordable cooling, reduce air…