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Budget Gimmicks Plunder Public Lands, Taxpayer Pockets

Expert BlogFranz Matzner
The United States Senate passed its budget resolution yesterday, prying open the door to massive cuts to funding for critical public safeguards from food safety to protections for America’s public lands and oceans. Republican Leadership and its oil industry allies…

Next Steps for Our Ocean Budget

Expert BlogAlison Chase
Our oceans and Great Lakes contribute hundreds of billions of dollars in goods and services to the country’s gross domestic product and employ millions of people. And use of these resources is growing rapidly—from both traditional uses like shipping, fishing…

Strong Safeguards Protect Our Loved Ones

Expert BlogPete Altman
The cribs our babies sleep in, the cars we drive our kids to school in, the places we work, the air we breathe, the water we drink … pretty much everything that touches our daily lives is safer because we’ve…

Attacks on EPA, Environment Prompt Outcry at Town Halls

Expert BlogPete Altman
As President Trump and Republican Congressional leaders plot to strip the US EPA of staff and resources to protect our health, citizens from all over the US showed up at town hall meetings to press their representatives on the need…

Broad Opposition to Trump's EPA Pick, "Polluting Pruitt"

Expert BlogPete Altman
President-elect Trump's nominee to run the US Environmental Protection Agency, which is charged with protecting Americans' health from pollution, has a record of accepting campaign contributions from the industries he is supposed to regulate, working to overturn fourteen EPA standards…