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Big Oil Sets Its Pants Aflame Fighting Setbacks

Expert BlogCaliforniaAnn Alexander
California's SB 1137, which established a health and safety setback buffer requirement to protect communities from oil drilling operations, is being attacked by Big Oil.

The Hard Work of Industrial Decarbonization Begins Now

Expert BlogUnited StatesSasha Stashwick
This year marked an inflection point in tackling the challenge of industrial decarbonization, with policymakers at multiple levels finally moving to adopt the policies we need.

Five Natural Climate Solutions to Mitigate Climate Change

Expert BlogInternationalZak Smith

The news from the latest IPCC report could be dispiriting (life-threatening climate changes are inevitable and irreversible) but it also continues to make the case that we can stave off the worst impacts of climate change if we drastically reduce…

Standing with Workers During the COVID-19 Crisis

Expert BlogMarc Boom
Financial hardships and a lack of access to affordable healthcare during this crisis will deepen the vulnerabilities of many communities to environmental hazards such as air and water pollution, climate change-fueled heat waves, and more. NRDC is committed to supporting…