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Five Natural Climate Solutions to Mitigate Climate Change

Expert BlogInternationalZak Smith

The news from the latest IPCC report could be dispiriting (life-threatening climate changes are inevitable and irreversible) but it also continues to make the case that we can stave off the worst impacts of climate change if we drastically reduce…

Pepco Advances Climate Action in DC

Expert BlogWashington, D.C.Ben Longstreth
Local energy distribution companies like Pepco are critical to helping their customers reduce pollution and save money by supporting energy efficiency measures for their homes and businesses, helping customers switch to electric vehicles, and promoting electric space and water heating.

House Leads on Climate Crisis as Political Heat Builds

Expert BlogDavid Doniger, Jake Schmidt
The House of Representatives is set this week to pass its first major climate legislation in 10 years—the first step to address the climate crisis and the rapidly rising public demand for climate action.

Stepping Up Climate Action at the California Global Summit

Expert BlogAnnie Notthoff
California and other states, provinces, and cities have been moving forward with real climate action. Here's a snippet of all the exciting news and events to expect at the Global Climate Action Summit.

Action Marches on Despite Trump's Paris Agreement Decision

Expert BlogJake Schmidt
A year ago today, President Trump announced he was launching an assault on our children's future, American companies, and all the countries in the world. Standing in the Rose Garden, Trump signaled his intent to withdraw the United States from…

West Coast Groundfish Habitat: Collaboration Rules

Expert BlogSeth Atkinson
Fishermen and conservation representatives sat down and hammered out a shared plan for increasing protection for sensitive habitats while also improving fishing opportunity.