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House Leads on Climate Crisis as Political Heat Builds

Expert BlogDavid Doniger, Jake Schmidt
The House of Representatives is set this week to pass its first major climate legislation in 10 years—the first step to address the climate crisis and the rapidly rising public demand for climate action.

Top New York State Environmental Priorities for 2019

Expert BlogRich Schrader
We’ll be watching the Governor’s State of the Speech with great interest and hope that he seizes this moment to build a better future for our children and grandchildren.

Action Marches on Despite Trump's Paris Agreement Decision

Expert BlogJake Schmidt
A year ago today, President Trump announced he was launching an assault on our children's future, American companies, and all the countries in the world. Standing in the Rose Garden, Trump signaled his intent to withdraw the United States from…

India Leads on Climate Action as Trump Exits Paris Agreement

Expert BlogAnjali Jaiswal
India—the world’s third-largest emitter of climate-warming greenhouse gases—is showing bold leadership by aggressively moving ahead with climate action and clean energy development that will protect people from climate harm and boost its economy.