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Towards a Just Transition in Peoria

Expert BlogIllinois, PeoriaAlyssa Brown, Selena Kyle, Jared Knicley
As the E.D. Edwards plant closes, let’s celebrate the amazing work that Peoria-area groups have been doing.

The History and Future of Renewables Rhyme with Growth

Expert BlogUnited StatesNathanael Greene
Mark Twain supposedly said, “history doesn't repeat itself, but It often rhymes.” On the cusp of 2021, here are three rhyming examples from the world of renewables: green hydrogen, offshore wind and renewable energy jobs.

House Leads on Climate Crisis as Political Heat Builds

Expert BlogDavid Doniger, Jake Schmidt
The House of Representatives is set this week to pass its first major climate legislation in 10 years—the first step to address the climate crisis and the rapidly rising public demand for climate action.

Trump’s Top 3 Excuses If Climate Report Is Approved

Expert BlogAliya Haq
A major climate report awaits final clearance from the White House on August 18. Publishing this report as-is will not square easily with the Trump agenda to roll back our climate progress. If I were a betting woman, I would…

NY Senate Must Reject Bill to Raid Clean Energy Funding

Expert BlogJackson Morris
New York State Senate bill S. 6605 would raid tens of millions of dollars from one of the state's leading sources of funding for clean energy: the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative. The State Senate must reject this bill in no…

India Leads on Climate Action as Trump Exits Paris Agreement

Expert BlogAnjali Jaiswal
India—the world’s third-largest emitter of climate-warming greenhouse gases—is showing bold leadership by aggressively moving ahead with climate action and clean energy development that will protect people from climate harm and boost its economy.

Massive Support for the Paris Agreement—A Running Tally

Expert BlogHan Chen
Trump wants to withdraw the US from the Paris Agreement. That would be a disaster. Here is a running tally of the thousands of people and organizations that have spoken out in support of the Paris Agreement. It’s already clear…