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Nevada Accelerates on Clean Cars

Expert BlogNevadaPatricia Valderrama, Noah Long
Governor Sisolak’s administration took a vital step today to reduce climate-warming and health-harming pollution from cars and trucks: initiating a Clean Cars rulemaking.

Nuclear vs. Climate Change: Feeling the Heat

Expert BlogUnited States, InternationalChristina Chen

With increasing temperatures already posing threats to many nuclear plants around the world, we are faced with a sobering picture of nuclear energy’s vulnerability to climate change impacts.

Nurturing Nature on the Southeast Side

Expert BlogIllinois, ChicagoGina Ramirez

The Southeast Side, once an industrial capital, is home to a surprising number of beautiful natural preserves: wetlands, forest, and prairie. In order to protect these threatened habitats, there needs to be a shift to a green industrial corridor.

Henry Henderson (1952–2018)

Expert BlogNRDC
Remembering the achievements of a tireless champion of environmental justice and public health.

City Energy Project Mayors Support the Clean Power Plan

Expert BlogKimi Narita, Emily Barkdoll
Over 230 mayors from across the United States, including a significant majority of those participating in City Energy Project, strongly oppose EPA’s proposed repeal of Clean Power Plan, the first national limit on carbon emissions for existing power plants.

State of Clean Energy Is Strong

Expert BlogElizabeth Noll, Derek Murrow
We don’t have to choose anymore—clean energy wins. Investing in clean energy creates millions of jobs today across the country for people of all different skill sets and education levels, protects the health of children, and counters the real effects…