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Colorado Gas Customers Demand Action to Lower Bills, Emissions

Expert BlogColoradoKiki Velez, Alana Miller
Coloradans are demanding relief from high gas heating bills. Legislators can take action by reducing the state’s dependence on gas, a fossil fuel that is bad for our wallets, our climate, and our health.

Should CA Seek Another Life Extension for Diablo Canyon?

Expert BlogUnited States, CaliforniaRalph Cavanagh

In a recent op-ed calling for the Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant’s operating license to be extended past 2025, Steven Chu and Ernest Moniz acknowledge that the process would be “complex.” It wouldn’t just be complex; it would be hugely…

Mother’s Day Gifts to Treat Mom (and Mother Earth)

Expert BlogEmily Deanne
With Mother’s Day fast approaching, why not consider an environmentally friendly gift to show you care about her and the world she lives in, too? There are lots of reasonably priced options that will save her money on energy bills…

CA's $1 Billion for Efficiency Now Open to Electrification

Expert BlogCaliforniaMerrian Borgeson

The California Public Utilities Commission unanimously voted to update an efficiency policy to allow access to funding if an appliance saves energy and reduces air pollution, regardless of the technology.

We Saved the Ozone Layer. We Can Save the Climate

Expert BlogDavid Doniger
Climate change is not the first planetary pollution crisis we have faced. That distinction belongs to the depletion of the earth’s protective ozone layer. And how we solved the ozone crisis teaches lessons for climate change.

How College Campuses Can Lead in Fighting Climate Change

Expert BlogLara Ettenson
As bastions of knowledge, progress, and innovation, it’s not surprising that colleges are often at the forefront of the battle against climate change, striving to implement energy efficiency, clean energy, and sustainability curricula and programs.