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California's Rolling Blackouts: Causes and Remedies

Expert BlogRalph Cavanagh
When the first rolling blackouts in two decades struck California late last week, many were quick to invoke an earlier California electricity crisis and look for a convenient villain. But we need first to understand exactly what happened and to…

Avoiding Another California Electricity Crisis

Expert BlogRalph Cavanagh
The adage about history not repeating itself but rhyming is inescapable in the California debate about potentially ruinous financial liabilities facing electric utilities in the aftermath of disasters worsened by climate change, such as last fall’s wildfires and mudslides. And…

Trump Is Playing Mr. Grinch with Renewable Energy

Expert BlogNathanael Greene
Throughout 2017, when it comes to wind and solar, the Trump administration has been doing its best Grinch impersonation—he and his team seem to want to be the executive branch that stole our clean energy future.