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Getting to Zero Now

Expert BlogUnited StatesAmanda Eaken

A bold new program is accelerating the transition to zero-emissions trucks.

Strong Car Standards Needed to Meet the Moment

Press ReleaseUnited States
WASHINGTON – While our nation suffers under drought and withering heat tied to climate change, the Environmental Protection Agency proposed new vehicle emission rules for model years 2023-2026, as President Biden moves to re-establish and strengthen vehicle standards gutted by…

To Reach Historic Climate Goals, Decarbonize U.S. Industry

Expert BlogUnited StatesSasha Stashwick, Arjun Krishnaswami, Jackie Wong
One area the Biden administration has rightly prioritized for climate action is the U.S. industrial sector, which will be key to achieving our climate targets and to revitalizing America’s manufacturing sector.

Biden Clears Way for States to Curb Vehicle Pollution

Expert BlogUnited States, California, New JerseyLuke Tonachel
President Biden is following through on his promise to re-establish the long-held authority of governors to adopt vehicle pollution regulations to protect the health and welfare of people in their states.

Bold Action on Vehicles Needed to Meet Historic Climate Goal

Expert BlogUnited StatesRoland Hwang
The Biden administration should set strong clean cars standards to put us on track for sales of 55% zero emission, electric vehicles by 2030, and Congress should adopt transformational investments in charging infrastructure, manufacturing, consumer incentives, and transit and safe…

The Kansas Energy Story—and Opportunity

Expert BlogKansasGabrielle Habeeb, Ashok Gupta
Kansas may not be the first state that comes to mind when you think “renewable energy powerhouse”—but it has become one.

Biden Puts Electric Vehicle Jobs into High Gear

Expert BlogUnited StatesRoland Hwang
Through a massive $174 billion proposed investment, the American Jobs Plan would help put the electric vehicle market into the fast lane, bring the manufacturing supply chain for batteries and vehicles to the U.S., and ensure the creation of good-quality…

2020 Laid Groundwork for Bold Climate Action in 2021

Expert BlogRoland Hwang
In 2021, the U.S. has a critical opportunity to avert an even worse climate crisis, by building off of the lessons of 2020, which points to a more unifying approach to tackle the climate, economic, and racial justice crises in…