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Hazard Planners Aren’t Planning for Heat Hazards

Expert BlogUnited StatesJuanita Constible
State hazard mitigation officials and their partners in FEMA should quickly work to improve their efforts to protect people from heat. Lives depend on it.

The Health Risks of our Sweltering Summers

Expert BlogVijay Limaye, Kim Knowlton
Today is National Heatstroke Prevention Day, and the health threats of climate change are on full display this summer as communities around the world deal with record-breaking heat.

Video: Leadership in Urban Climate Action―Beat the Heat

Expert BlogAnjali Jaiswal, Susan Casey-Lefkowitz
The Earth Care Awards recently awarded the joint efforts of the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation, the Indian Meteorological Department, the Indian Institute of Public Health Gandhinagar, and NRDC for the groundbreaking Ahmedabad Heat Action Plan.

Floating Offshore Wind Brings Challenges and Opportunities

Expert BlogRebecca Loomis, Francine Kershaw
After a decade of dreaming, the prospect of commercial-scale floating offshore wind developments here in the United States is becoming a reality. Floating turbines will make renewable wind energy accessible to parts of the United States where it was previously…