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CA Clean Buildings Progress Report: 2022

Expert BlogCaliforniaKiki Velez, Merrian Borgeson
California’s progress offers a roadmap for transitioning to healthy, clean, and efficient buildings. What's next for the decarbonization leader?

This EE Day: Celebrate Energy Efficiency Wins

Expert BlogUnited StatesKit Kennedy, Sheryl Carter, Emily Deanne

Energy efficiency (using less energy to get the same or higher benefit) is one of our best tools in the climate fight. In fact, energy efficiency measures alone could provide more than 40 percent of the emissions reductions required to…

U.S. International Leadership Still Needed after Climate Bill

Expert BlogInternational, United StatesJake Schmidt, Joe Thwaites, Shruti Shukla, Brendan Guy

The Inflation Reduction Act has proven that the United States has the potential to lead on climate. But further actions are needed if the country is to deliver the global transformations necessary to tackle the climate crisis.

On Climate, Leadership Abroad Begins at Home

Expert BlogUnited States, InternationalMitchell Bernard
President Biden can appeal to world leaders using the power of example—rapidly cutting emissions while driving the durable, broad-based recovery we need.

Changes to Energy Code Process Strip Power from Local Voters

Expert BlogInternationalLauren Urbanek

The development of the International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) will move from a procedure driven by the votes of thousands of local governmental members, to one that relies on decision-making by a committee.

The Consumers Energy IRP and the Future We Want for Michigan

Expert BlogMichiganSamantha Williams, Gabrielle Habeeb
Consumers Energy has an important regulatory filing coming up that is going to impact every single person living in Michigan. In the coming months, the utility will file their next long-term energy plan—known as an Integrated Resource Plan or “IRP”.

Committing to Expanded, Equitable Energy Efficiency in Colorado

Expert BlogColoradoAriana Gonzalez, Arjun Krishnaswami
Every day energy efficiency quietly benefits every family across the state of Colorado, but today, on #EEDay2020, we celebrate out loud the dollars saved, the homes comfortably warmed and cooled, and the air cleaned thanks to smarter energy use.

Federal Energy Efficiency: Promoting Equity and the Planet

Expert BlogUnited StatesDr. Khalil Shahyd, Lara Ettenson
The COVID-19 pandemic continues to disproportionately affect low-income communities of color and threatens to plunge our economy deeper into a recession at a time when many families and communities are already struggling to meet basic needs. The federal government should…