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States Embrace the Transition to Clean Cars

Expert BlogCalifornia, Colorado, Delaware, Massachusetts, New Mexico, New York, Oregon, Vermont, WashingtonKathy Harris
The federal government has made strides to help bolster the electric vehicle market, attract manufacturing, and ensure a robust charging network. But in many ways, states led the way.

California Sets Standards for 100% EV Sales

Expert BlogCaliforniaKathy Harris, Dr. Simon Mui
California's proposed standards require one-third of vehicles sold by manufacturers to be electric vehicles (EVs) starting in model year 2026, moving towards 100 percent of sales in 2035.

Top 3 Take-Aways on Electric Vehicles from COP-26

Expert BlogUnited States, InternationalDr. Simon Mui

Some of the biggest announcements were made last week at the COP-26 in Glasgow on “Transport Day.” The focus: zeroing out pollution from some of the world’s dirtiest and climate-busting sources including cars, trucks, ships, 2- and 3-wheelers, and planes.

California Develops Proposal to Achieve Clean Vehicle Future

Expert BlogDr. Simon Mui
California, a global leader in electric vehicle deployment and policy innovation, presented plans today for the next round of its Advanced Clean Cars program. It will require all new vehicles to be electric-drive by 2035. Consistent with the state’s overall…

Gov Newsom Announces All New Cars Will Be Electric by 2035

Expert BlogDr. Simon Mui, Alex Jackson
Governor Newsom of California issued the first of a potential series of actions to fight climate change, starting first with a massive venture to ensure all Californians have options beyond burning fossil fuels in cars, trucks, and buses.

Clean Trucks Are More Important Than Ever

Expert BlogPatricio Portillo
There is renewed resolve for essential environmental protections to help us emerge from the COVID-19 crisis a more resilient society that grows jobs, safeguards public health, and protects our climate and the air we breathe.

Bipartisan Group of States Take Steps to Cut Truck Pollution

Expert BlogDr. Simon Mui, Patricio Portillo
Top environmental officials from 8 states and DC took a bold step towards protecting our nation’s air and cutting carbon emissions from the transportation sector by signing a joint agreement to accelerate the electric truck and bus market.

Paris Pullout Won't Derail State & Local Climate Progress

Expert BlogKit Kennedy
Today the Trump administration began the legal process for withdrawing from the historic Paris Climate Agreement, but Trump cannot disrupt the striking momentum seen in states and cities across the country.

Stepping Up Climate Action at the California Global Summit

Expert BlogAnnie Notthoff
California and other states, provinces, and cities have been moving forward with real climate action. Here's a snippet of all the exciting news and events to expect at the Global Climate Action Summit.