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Pebble Mine's Economics: Garbage In, Garbage Out

Expert BlogAlaskaJoel Reynolds

Canadian owner of embattled Bristol Bay mining scheme promises preliminary economic analysis within 45 days to demonstrate financial feasibility of mine predicted to lose billions.

Pebble Mine: Would You Buy a Used Car from This CEO?

Expert BlogJoel Reynolds
Combative congressional testimony by D.C. lawyer and Pebble CEO Tom Collier belies credibility, dismisses Alaskans’ concerns for salmon, reveals major flaws in federal review of reckless Bristol Bay mining project

EPA Close to Settling Lawsuit on Pebble Mine

Expert BlogTaryn Kiekow Heimer
The U.S. EPA and Northern Dynasty Minerals—the company behind the Pebble Mine proposed in Bristol Bay, Alaska—told a federal judge that they are close to settling litigation over the mine and expect to announce an agreement tomorrow.