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EPA Blocks Pebble Mine with Rare Veto. What Happens Next?

Expert BlogAlaskaJoel Reynolds
Following EPA’s grant of Bristol Bay Tribes’ petitions for veto of destructive mining scheme in Bristol Bay headwaters, underfunded Canadian project owner hopes to overturn or circumvent lengthy agency review.

Pebble Mine 2022 Year in Review: “Goodnight Soon!”

Expert BlogAlaskaJoel Reynolds

The end of embattled Bristol Bay mining scheme is in sight, as EPA recommends veto long sought by Bristol Bay Native Tribes—and funding is secured for land conservation agreement that blocks proposed access to mine site.

Pebble Mine: Duplicity and Denial to the Bitter End

Expert BlogAlaskaJoel Reynolds

Two years to the day since release of the infamous Pebble Tapes, and after a decade of scientific review by federal agencies, desperate Canadian owner of proposed massive Bristol Bay open pit mine remains in denial, claiming EPA proposal to…

EPA Sets Schedule for Bristol Bay Protections

Expert BlogAlaskaTaryn Kiekow Heimer

Demonstrating its commitment to ending once and for all the threat of large-scale mining to the world’s most productive wild salmon fishery, EPA announced a new timeframe for considering whether to permanently protect Bristol Bay and stop the Pebble Mine—with…

The Long and Winding Road: EPA Says Yes to Bristol Bay!

Expert BlogAlaskaJoel Reynolds

Responding to request from Bristol Bay tribes—and dealing another blow to destructive Pebble Mine—EPA tells federal court it will move to vacate Trump Administration’s decision to withdraw safeguards against mining in headwaters of Bristol Bay wild salmon fishery.

Pebble Mine: The Defeat Goes On

Expert BlogJoel Reynolds
With no other assets, Pebble Mine owner Northern Dynasty Minerals grasps at last straws, appealing Army Corps permit denial and releasing new corporate presentation seeking to re-invent failed Bristol Bay mining scheme as “Helping to Secure America’s Green Future.”

Pebble Mine: Top Takeaways from 2019

Expert BlogTaryn Kiekow Heimer
The Trump Administration’s rush to permitting completely ignores the overwhelming opposition to the mine from Bristol Bay tribes, village corporations, commercial, subsistence, and recreational fishermen, hunters, lodge owners, businesses, and groups like NRDC.

Pebble Mine: A Scam with No Clothes?

Expert BlogJoel Reynolds
While Army Corps off Engineers “assumes” reckless Bristol Bay mine won’t “lose money,” Northern Dynasty Mineral’s latest financial statement raises “substantial doubt” about company’s “ability to continue as a going concern,” Pebble Partnership says failure to produce financial feasibility study…

Pebble Mine: Would You Buy a Used Car from This CEO?

Expert BlogJoel Reynolds
Combative congressional testimony by D.C. lawyer and Pebble CEO Tom Collier belies credibility, dismisses Alaskans’ concerns for salmon, reveals major flaws in federal review of reckless Bristol Bay mining project

HELP WANTED: Hypothetical Partner for the Pebble Mine

Expert BlogJoel Reynolds
Canadian owner of widely condemned Bristol Bay mine desperately seeks new partner with a few billion to spare. Financial, social, and environmental indifference required. No need to apply if you’re fazed by economic infeasibility, relentless local opposition, pervasive risk, and…

Former EPA Administrators Say “No” to Pebble Mine in DC Ads

Expert BlogTaryn Kiekow Heimer
Last week as EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt made even more of a mockery out of his agency’s mission to actually protect the environment by throwing yet another lifeline to the disastrous Pebble Mine, several former EPA Administrators responded with a…