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Pebble Mine: “Tapes? What Tapes??”

Expert BlogJoel Reynolds
Ignoring shocking undercover videotapes released last week, CEO of Canadian owner of proposed Bristol Bay copper mine asserts “rule of law” dictates approval of federal permit.

Pebble Mine, Tom Collier, and 12.5 Million Pieces of Silver

Expert BlogAlaskaJoel Reynolds
Showing it “doesn’t give a rat’s ass what happens in Alaska,” the Army Corps of Engineers is expected this month to issue its fatally flawed EIS for the reckless Pebble Mine in Bristol Bay, ignoring overwhelming opposition in Alaska but…

Morgan Stanley Dumps the Pebble Mine, Northern Dynasty

Expert BlogAlaskaJoel Reynolds
Multinational investment banking and financial services firm reports over 99 percent reduction in shares of Northern Dynasty Minerals, sole owner of widely condemned Bristol Bay mining scheme.

PBS Frontline Updates Battle for Bristol Bay

Expert BlogJoel Reynolds
Extended interview with Pebble CEO Tom Collier documents duplicity, financial conflict of interest, and why, when he speaks, “its sensible to be skeptical.”

Pebble Mine: Still Crazy After All These Years

Expert BlogJoel Reynolds
As the Army Corps of Engineers ignores requests for a pause in its process, Northern Dynasty Minerals (aka Pebble Partnership) fails to address objections to its preposterous mine plan or fix fatal flaws in its environmental review.

Pebble Mine: A Scam with No Clothes?

Expert BlogJoel Reynolds
While Army Corps off Engineers “assumes” reckless Bristol Bay mine won’t “lose money,” Northern Dynasty Mineral’s latest financial statement raises “substantial doubt” about company’s “ability to continue as a going concern,” Pebble Partnership says failure to produce financial feasibility study…

No Pebble Mine Ad Targets Northern Dynasty’s Annual Meeting

Expert BlogTaryn Kiekow Heimer
“We will never relent in our fight against the Pebble Mine,” reads the full-page ad running today in the Vancouver Sun as Northern Dynasty Minerals and its shareholders gather for the company’s annual meeting in Vancouver. “Because Bristol Bay, Alaska…