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IPCC Report: Climate Change Is a Generational Justice Issue

Expert BlogInternational, United StatesChristina Swanson

The new IPCC report confirms that climate change is jeopardizing our children’s future. That’s why governments, industry, communities, and individuals need to stop making decisions about climate-impacting projects based on the way things are now and start making them based…

Climate Change and Health: Air Quality

MapUnited StatesDr. Kim Knowlton
Climate change threatens the air you breathe by fueling smog and ragweed pollen. About 4 in 10 Americans—nearly 127 million—live in areas with both unhealthy smog and ragweed, a new NRDC analysis finds. To avoid making asthma and allergies even…

Climate Change and Health: Extreme Heat

MapUnited StatesDr. Kim Knowlton
Climate change threatens our health by warming the planet, exposing us to a range of heat-related illnesses. About two-thirds of Americans—nearly 210 million—live in areas with a greater-than-expected number of dangerous extreme heat days, new NRDC analysis finds.