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CA Addressed Plastic Waste; Now We Need Action on Toxics in Plastics

Expert BlogCalifornia, United StatesDr. Anna Reade, Avinash Kar, Dr. Veena Singla

Last year, California made large strides towards addressing the pressing problem of proliferating plastic waste. But the Ohio train derailment shows why we also need action on toxics in plastics. 

Environmental Injustice: Cumulative Impacts in Kansas City

Expert BlogKansas, Kansas City (Kansas), Kansas City (Missouri), MissouriDr. Veena Singla

The EPA is responsible for setting environmental regulations to limit the amount of pollution industrial facilities release. This approach has been ineffective in controlling exposures because they do not take into account the cumulative impacts or toxic air contaminants.

“Chemical Recycling” of Plastic: A Burning Issue

Expert BlogUnited StatesDr. Veena Singla
NRDC conducted in-depth research on “chemical recycling” and concluded that “chemical recycling” is a dangerous false solution to the growing plastic waste crisis—and it shouldn’t be considered recycling.

New Study: More Worker Deaths from Methylene Chloride

Expert BlogUnited StatesDr. Veena Singla
First comprehensive review in U.S. reveals more fatalities than expected due to deadly chemical—researchers urge action from the EPA to limit use of the chemical and prevent future deaths.

CA Must Choose Public Health Over Brain-Harming Pesticide

Expert BlogMiriam Rotkin-Ellman
California is the country’s top user of chlorpyrifos, a pesticide linked to learning disabilities in children, using close to a million pounds per year mainly on fruits, nuts, and vegetables.

Legislation Improves CA Program to Ensure Safer Products

Expert BlogAvinash Kar
The bill would amend California’s innovative “green chemistry” program to improve its functioning and ensure better oversight of toxic chemicals in consumer products that we all bring into our homes every day.

A Success Story: Getting Toxic Flame Retardant Chemicals Out

Expert BlogAvinash Kar
When Governor Brown entered office eight years ago, he took action to fix the regulation that was driving the use of pounds of toxic flame retardant chemicals in couches in California, across the country, and even into Canada. With his…

EPA Won't Protect Our Kids. Will California?

Expert BlogAllison Johnson, Miriam Rotkin-Ellman
The EPA will fight to keep the dangerous pesticide chlorpyrifos in the fields and on our food, at the expense of children’s health. It's time for California to step up!

CA a Step Closer to Removing Toxic Chemicals from Our Homes

Expert BlogDr. Anna Reade
California bill, AB 2998 by Assembly Member Bloom, which bans toxic flame retardant chemicals of concern from upholstered furniture, certain children’s products, and the foam of adult mattresses, just passed the state legislature with bipartisan support and is currently awaiting…

CA Finds Widespread Risk from Pesticide Toxic to Kids

Expert BlogMiriam Rotkin-Ellman
Today, California’s Environmental Protection Agency (CalEPA) added to the growing body of science raising the alarm about the dangers of the pesticide chlorpyrifos and took one step closer to getting it out of the state’s fields and orchards.

EPA: Toxic Pesticide on Fruits, Veggies Puts Kids at Risk

Expert BlogMiriam Rotkin-Ellman, Dr. Veena Singla
The United States Environmental Protection Agency has found that residues from the toxic pesticide chlorpyrifos are lurking on fruits & vegetables—up to 14,000 percent higher than the “safe” limits.