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Ten New Environmental Laws in California

Expert BlogCaliforniaVictoria Rome

The environmental community continued to chalk up wins in the state legislature despite another unusual year due to the COVID-19 pandemic and a gubernatorial recall election.

VA's Overly-Lucrative Monopoly Business Model Wears Thin

Expert BlogWalton Shepherd
Amid Virginia’s budgetary upheaval and ongoing economic pain, our electric system's bloat remains a shock: the SCC’s just-released annual report details more than half a billion dollars in Dominion overcharges to Virginia's millions of Dominion customers. More than ever, we…

Paris Pullout Won't Derail State & Local Climate Progress

Expert BlogKit Kennedy
Today the Trump administration began the legal process for withdrawing from the historic Paris Climate Agreement, but Trump cannot disrupt the striking momentum seen in states and cities across the country.

A Vision for Midwest Zero-Carbon Power Starts to Take Shape

Expert BlogSamantha Williams, Christina Chen
Commitments to deeply decarbonize electric power production, from Minnesota to Indiana, have been on the uptick in the Midwest in recent months, and make up a significant proportion of the overall national transition. Thankfully, leaders across the region are taking…

California Sets the Path Toward a Clean Electric Grid

Expert BlogMohit Chhabra
The California Public Utilities Commission just affirmed its commitment to our state's environmental goals by making sure that all companies responsible for providing power to Californians must comply with the Golden State’s carbon reduction mandates.

PG&E’s Bankruptcy Filing

Expert BlogRalph Cavanagh
PG&E formally initiated proceedings under Chapter 11 of the federal bankruptcy code on January 29, 2019, citing its exposure to wildfire liability claims of $30 billion or more. As NRDC warned months ago, potential adverse consequences include a loss of…

Two Clean Energy Buildings Bills Moving Forward in CA

Expert BlogPierre Delforge, Merrian Borgeson
Two bills that will cut greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and air pollution from homes and commercial buildings just moved forward in the California Legislature. The Senate approved SB 1477 by Senator Stern on Wednesday and the Assembly passed AB 3232…

Avoiding Another California Electricity Crisis

Expert BlogRalph Cavanagh
The adage about history not repeating itself but rhyming is inescapable in the California debate about potentially ruinous financial liabilities facing electric utilities in the aftermath of disasters worsened by climate change, such as last fall’s wildfires and mudslides. And…

This Is How We Stand Up to Trump

NRDC in ActionWashington, D.C., Utah, Michigan, CaliforniaNicole Greenfield
Meet a handful of the NRDC staffers who resisted Trump’s attacks and defended our environment in 2017—and who won’t stop fighting anytime soon.

Calif. Climate and Air Quality Bills: Give and Take Works

Expert BlogAnnie Notthoff
Leaders in California’s capitol this week announced a package of two bills to extend the state’s breakthrough cap-and-trade climate program and to get real about cutting local air pollution in communities suffering from traffic and industrial pollution.