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Protecting Public Health

NRDC strengthens its focus to safeguard disadvantaged communities from exposure to pollution and toxic chemicals.

Summit Puts Us on the March to Stronger Climate Action

Expert BlogJake Schmidt, Brendan Guy
The Global Climate Action Summit set the stage for countries to strengthen their targets by 2020 and to help build momentum for other actors to ensure that we are a safer climate trajectory.

How to Raise an Environmentalist

How-ToJordan Davidson

Kids have a natural connection to the earth, as well as a drive to heal it. And that may be our saving grace.

The onEarth 10

PerspectivesInternationalThe Editors
Think you can’t mix a healthy climate with a healthy economy? These business leaders and innovators are betting the world on the fact that we can.

Big Cities Join Together for Better School Food

Expert BlogMark Izeman
Six of the country’s largest school districts have teamed up to form the Urban School Food Alliance, a partnership that’s pushing for healthier and more environmentally friendly lunchrooms by leveraging its combined purchasing power.

Climate Change

NRDC is charting a better path forward by strengthening conservation laws, advancing policies that limit industrial impacts on public lands and waters, and working with local and Indigenous partners to create more equitable access to nature and preserve the places…