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What Is Environmental Racism?

GuideUnited States, InternationalMaudlyne Ihejirika
This form of systemic racism disproportionately burdens communities of color.

Defending Public Health

NRDC shines a light on growing risks—from exposure to harmful chemicals in our clothes, drinking water, and air to the health hazards of climate change—and delivers solutions.

Putting 100% Clean Power Within Reach: A Post-IRA Pathway

Expert BlogUnited StatesAmanda Levin, Sam Krasnow, Lissa Lynch
NRDC and Evergreen Action released a roadmap to reduce power sector emissions using federal actions, state programs, and robust implementation of last year’s climate legislation.

Equitable Building Decarbonization Across the Country: 2022

Expert BlogCalifornia, Florida, Hawaii, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, New York, OregonCaroline Keicher, Joe O'Brien-Applegate
Policies and programs aimed at new construction and existing buildings continue to gain traction as communities and elected officials realize the feasibility and benefits of ambitious and equity-centered action.

Next Farm Bill Can Plant the Seeds for Something Better

Expert BlogUnited StatesDavid Wallinga, MD

NRDC recommendations around U.S. farm policy would, if adopted, help rebuild rural communities, create clean energy jobs, support new and existing organic farmers, bolster soil health and on-farm conservation, and reduce food waste.

Gas Price Relief Shouldn’t Only Be for Drivers

Expert BlogCaliforniaVictoria Rome
NRDC stands ready to work on policies that mitigate price spikes while advancing transportation alternatives, reducing air pollution, and supporting the most vulnerable Californians.

TECH Clean California: $120M in Good News for the Climate

Expert BlogCaliforniaKiki Velez, Merrian Borgeson

The recent launch of TECH Clean California represents a significant milestone in the effort to equitably decarbonize California’s buildings in line with our pressing climate goals. What’s in the $120 million program, and how can Californians take advantage TECH's electrification…

Albany Environmental Roundup: 2021 Victories and 2022 Agenda

Expert BlogNew YorkMarisa Guerrero, Rich Schrader

New York State secured several key environmental and public health victories in 2021 -- and that momentum is continuing into 2022, as we push for bills to expand the use of electric vehicles, improve energy efficiency, promote food security, and…

Healthy, Clean Energy Buildings Take Center Stage in 2021

Expert BlogUnited StatesAlejandra Mejia Cunningham, Merrian Borgeson, Pierre Delforge

Clean and healthy buildings surged forward as a policy priority in 2021. Buildings—our homes and places of work—are responsible for a quarter of the U.S.’s climate-busting greenhouse gas emissions. Replacing building systems that burn fossil fuels on-site with appliances powered…

Tenant Protections, Good Jobs Key to Decarbonizing Buildings

Expert BlogLos Angeles, CaliforniaMichele Knab Hasson, Merrian Borgeson

In Los Angeles, buildings are the top source of carbon pollution, and the city is taking bold steps to end these harmful emissions completely by 2050. As city leaders and other stakeholders consider how to achieve these emissions reductions equitably…

Air Pollution: Everything You Need to Know

GuideUnited States, InternationalJillian Mackenzie, Jeff Turrentine
How smog, soot, greenhouse gases, and other top air pollutants are affecting the planet—and your health.