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The 90 Billion Ton Opportunity: Lifecycle Refrigerant Management - Report (PDF)

The 90 Billion Ton Opportunity: Lifecycle Refrigerant Management lays out tangible interventions for federal and state policymakers, major corporations, and equipment owners and operators to minimize refrigerant leaks and maximize end-of-life recovery and reclamation. Embracing Lifecycle Refrigerant Management globally can...

Industrial Agricultural Pollution 101

GuideUnited StatesCourtney Lindwall
From fertilizer runoff to methane emissions, large-scale industrial agriculture pollution takes a toll on the environment.

Taking Stock of China’s Actions to Steer Green Shipping

Expert BlogBarbara Finamore
Air pollution aggravates lung disease and impairs our ability to fight off respiratory infections. It has been linked to higher mortality rates during the Spanish flu and the SARS outbreak, and more recently to the Coronavirus. So, while many of…

NRDC Comments on EPA's NSPS Review Proposal (PDF)

NRDC, Clean Air Task Force, and other groups submitted public comments March 18, 2019, opposing EPA’s proposal to review carbon pollution standards for new coal-fired power plants.

Moving California Forward - Report (PDF)

This report was commissioned by the California Cleaner Freight Coalition -- including NRDC and at least 20 other organizations working towards transformational changes to the freight transportation system in California to protect the public's health, clean the environment, and promote...

Losing Our Heritage: Budget Cut Impacts and Our Environment - Report (PDF)

This report, prepared by a coalition of national environmental and conservation organizations, illustrates how indiscriminate spending cuts will adversely affect our nation’s ability to respond to environmental challenges of a changing climate, develop our clean energy resources, and sustain our...