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The True Cost of Undervaluing Our Forests

Expert BlogInternational, United States, CanadaJennifer Skene
As countries begin implementing the Glasgow Leaders’ Declaration on Forests and Land Use, success will depend on embracing a truly global framework that looks beyond forests’ utility.

Communities to Coal Plants: Clean Up Your Mess Before You Go!

DispatchTennesseeAustyn Gaffney
Distrust in the TVA runs deep in eastern Tennessee, and as the utility shutters two power plants—Bull Run and Kingston—local activists fear it will close up shop without safely containing its leaky pits of toxic sludge and ash.

The Unlikely Takedown of Keystone XL

NRDC in ActionCanada, United States, Nebraska, South Dakota, MontanaCourtney Lindwall
The notorious tar sands pipeline was a lightning rod in the fight against climate change and the seemingly unstoppable oil industry. NRDC advocates were part of a broad coalition that helped stop Keystone XL—for good.

The Fight for Our Future Depends on Forests

Expert BlogJennifer Skene
The health and future of our forests is inextricably tied to our own. Forests around the world, from the great northern boreal to tropical rainforests, breathe life onto our planet and provide everything from clean air and water to a…

Food Rescue Landscape Assessment Guide

OverviewUnited States
This guide shares some of NRDC's key lessons learned and is accompanied by an array of additional tools to help cities conduct food rescue landscape assessments of their own.