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2019: A Banner Year for the Environment in NYS

Expert BlogRich Schrader, Jhena Vigrass
NRDC and our regional partners secured a broad array of environmental victories—from a statewide ban on plastic bags in grocery and retail stores to a far-reaching food waste recycling law to the most ambitious state climate law in the nation.

A 5-Step Roadmap to Zero-Emissions Buildings in CA

Expert BlogPierre Delforge
California has laid a strong foundation for energy efficiency in new buildings. Now the state needs to figure out how to help the entire building sector meet a carbon-neutral future by 2045. A new report offers a five-point path forward…

The Future of Seattle’s Ferries Is Electric

DispatchSeattle, WashingtonStarre Vartan
The largest ferry system in the United States prepares to stop using diesel fuel to help Washington achieve its climate action goals.

2018 Clean Energy Year in Review: Reversing Trump Rollbacks

Expert BlogRoland Hwang
Many of us learned in high school about Newton’s third law of physics: for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. 2018 was a lesson in physics: the Trump administration’s furious assault on pollution protections has, in turn…

Clean Energy Progress in America’s Electric Sector in 2018

Expert BlogRalph Cavanagh
Americans are paying less of their incomes for electricity and breathing cleaner air as 2018 draws to a close (electricity bills represent less than 1.5 percent of average household income, the smallest share since 1955). And just this week, a…

California: 10 Years of Climate Commitment & Economic Growth

Expert BlogLara Ettenson
In the decade since California passed its landmark climate law, the state has undergone one of the longest economic expansions in its history while simultaneously cutting climate pollution. In fact, the latest report from the nonpartisan advocacy group Next 10…

Summit Puts Us on the March to Stronger Climate Action

Expert BlogJake Schmidt, Brendan Guy
The Global Climate Action Summit set the stage for countries to strengthen their targets by 2020 and to help build momentum for other actors to ensure that we are a safer climate trajectory.