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Powering Toward 100 Percent Clean Power by 2035 - Report (PDF)

NRDC and Evergreen Action launched a report, “Powering Toward 100 Percent Clean Power by 2035,” with new modeling finding that the most effective action the Biden administration can take to tackle power sector carbon pollution is to set ambitious carbon...

Green Budget 2013 - Report (PDF)

This report, referred to as the Green Budget, highlights the environmental and conservation communities’ Fiscal Year 2013 National Funding Priorities. The Green Budget, prepared annually by a coalition of national environmental and conservation organizations,1 illustrates how federal investments can help...

Toxic Wastes and Race at Twenty: 1987—2007 - Report (PDF)

In 1987, the United Church of Christ Commission for Racial Justice released its groundbreaking study Toxic Wastes and Race in the United States. The report was significant because it found race to be the most potent variable in predicting where...

Green Budget, Fiscal Year 2008 (PDF)

The 110th Congress has the opportunity to turn the tide and provide a real investment in the environment to help create a stable and sustainable future.

Holding the Line: The Environmental Record of the 107th Congress - Report (PDF)

The 107th Congress, in session in 2001 and 2002, was largely deadlocked over environmental matters. Throughout the two years, the Bush administration and like-minded senators and representatives put forth proposal after proposal to dismantle environmental protections, but environmental advocates in...