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Offshore Drilling 101

GuideAlaska, West, Louisiana, Georgia, North CarolinaShelia Hu
A look into how drilling for oil and gas in the oceans works—and why it’s time to make it history.

Water Pollution: Everything You Need to Know

GuideUnited States, InternationalMelissa Denchak
Our rivers, reservoirs, lakes, and seas are drowning in chemicals, waste, plastic, and other pollutants. Here’s why―and what you can do to help.

Nuclear Power 101

GuideUnited StatesPadmaparna Ghosh
How it works, how safe it is, and, ultimately, how its costs outweigh its benefits.

What’s New in Clean Water

Expert BlogUnited StatesJon Devine

The Biden administration is in a challenging position—having to clean up a horrendous mess created by the Trump administration while also needing to strengthen safeguards to address the fact that the country is still a long way off from the…

A Séance in the Anthropocene

PerspectivesUnited StatesAbigail Larkin
Long after the age of fossil fuels has drawn to a close, a Cherokee teenager attending an elite tribal school puts the last ghosts of coal and oil to rest. A story that retells the experiences of those who lived…

What Is Climate Change?

GuideUnited States, InternationalJeff Turrentine, Melissa Denchak

The lowdown on the earth’s central environmental threat.

Hurricane Preparedness Week: Protecting Public Health

Expert BlogUnited StatesJuanita Constible

We need to ensure our essential infrastructure and health services are ready for this hurricane season and the increasingly dangerous hurricane seasons to come under climate change.

Taking the Gloves Off in California Battle Over Oil

Expert BlogCaliforniaAnn Alexander

Armed with millions of dollars to pay lobbyists and a well-oiled astroturf machine to create the illusion of public support, the state's oil industry has successfully leaned on the state’s legislators to stay away from any meaningful reform efforts.

The Fed Must Throw a Lifeline to State and Local Governments

Expert BlogDouglass Sims
We need the full strength of state and local governments to drive a strong and inclusive recovery, yet they are being left behind in terms of federal support. Federal Reserve financing programs are not substitutes for fiscal support provided by…