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Solutions for Extreme Heat as India Battles Covid

Expert BlogIndiaSameer Kwatra, Prima Madan

India, currently battling a severe second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, is facing multiple climate stressors simultaneously. Fueled by climate change, heatwaves and other extreme weather events are longer, more frequent, and more intense.

Expanding Resilience to Fight Brutal Heat Across India

Expert BlogAnjali Jaiswal, Dr. Kim Knowlton, Dr. Vijay Limaye
Brutally hot weather is a major health threat in India and many other parts of the world because climate change is fueling more frequent, intense, and longer heat waves. In response to this mounting threat, cities and regions across India…

Ahmedabad’s Pioneering Plan Now Shielding Millions from Killer Heat

Press Release
AHMEDABAD, INDIA – Ahmedabad’s pioneering strategy to protect people from killer heat waves is rapidly catching on across India, and beyond, as more communities adopt their own Heat Action Plans to shield people from dangerously hot weather worsened by climate…

Something New in the AIR in Ahmedabad

Expert BlogDr. Kim Knowlton
Today the city of Ahmedabad, in Gujarat state in India, is taking another giant step toward improving health among its residents.

India Launching First-Ever Regional Plans to Beat the Heat

Press Release
NEW DELHI (March 9, 2016) – Building on adaptation commitments made at the Paris climate talks in December, India is launching the first regional early warning systems and preparedness plans in South Asia this month to protect highly vulnerable communities…