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Interior Secretary Zinke's Assault on America's Public Lands

Expert BlogTheo Spencer
Most people also probably aren’t aware that President Trump and Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke are in the midst of an unprecedented assault on these public resources in what appears to be a vast giveaway to select group of dirty energy…

How the West Can Be Won

ExplainerUnited States, WestVirginia Sole-Smith
Protecting these nine species will help save the region's iconic sagebrush prairies, grasslands, and mountains.

Save the Sage Grouse, Save the West

NRDC in ActionMontana, WyomingVirginia Sole-Smith
Why our success in saving the greater sage grouse is key to preserving millions of acres of habitat and hundreds of other species across the American West.

No "I" in Sagebrush

Latest NewsWest, United StatesAlisa Opar
The greater sage grouse is staying off the Endangered Species List, thanks to unprecedented collaborative conservation efforts.

New Report: Monarch Butterfly a Species Our Children May Never See

Press Release
WASHINGTON (September 23, 2014) – The monarch butterfly, whose spectacular 2,000-mile migration has captivated scientists and school students for generations, is disappearing largely due to pesticides and may not be around for our children to witness in the future, according…