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The Hidden Costs of Untargeted Hydrogen Deployment

Expert BlogUnited StatesJacqueline Ennis
New NRDC analysis finds that an untargeted, “one-size-fits-all” hydrogen economy would require profoundly more electricity infrastructure than a pathway that prioritizes direct electrification—exacerbating the challenges faced by today’s transitioning energy system.

Time to Stamp Out Dirty Trucks at the Post Office

Expert BlogUnited StatesPatricio Portillo
The Postal Service's disastrous decision to spend billions of dollars on polluting vehicles came from an opaque public process overseen by a Trump-era appointee, a deeply flawed analysis, and a clear bias against electric vehicles.

President Biden's Bold Plan to Build a Clean Electric Grid

Expert BlogYvonne McIntyre, Grant Carlisle, Jackie Wong
President Biden has laid out a bold vision for mobilizing our workforce and rebuilding our infrastructure to create a stronger and more resilient economy. Here we highlight three pieces of the American Jobs Plan that will help achieve what President…

VA, Birthplace of a Nation, Drives to a Cleaner Future

Expert BlogVirginiaWalton Shepherd, Kathy Harris
Virginia just signed into law a bill to join 17 other states that have adopted or are considering adoption of a “Clean Cars” program—setting the Commonwealth up to become the leader in electric vehicles in the South.

The Consumers Energy IRP and the Future We Want for Michigan

Expert BlogMichiganSamantha Williams, Gabrielle Habeeb
Consumers Energy has an important regulatory filing coming up that is going to impact every single person living in Michigan. In the coming months, the utility will file their next long-term energy plan—known as an Integrated Resource Plan or “IRP”.

Electricity a Smarter Choice than Low-Carbon Gas in CA Homes

Expert BlogMerrian Borgeson
Electric heat is the clear winner over low-carbon gas as a climate solution for buildings in California, according to a new study released by the state. Using clean electricity to heat buildings and hot water is cheaper, less risky, and…

2019 Saw Deep Decarb Pledges: 2020s Will Require Bold Action

Expert BlogSamantha Williams
No trends defined 2019 more than the wave of deep decarbonization commitments from utilities, coupled with a new dominance for gas-fired power nationally. 2019 was a record-breaking year for emissions, driven, in part, by a sharp uptick in gas-fired power…

We Know How to Cut Climate Pollution But Need Political Will

Expert BlogUnited StatesLara Ettenson

According to a new analysis by the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE)—Halfway There: Energy Efficiency Can Cut Energy Use and Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Half by 2050—the great news is that we already have the tools to affordably…

Electric Vehicle Basics

Expert BlogMadhur Boloor, Patricia Valderrama, Ada Statler, Samuel Garcia
Curious about how an electric vehicle works and whether it's actually better for the environment? Spoiler: it is. Allow us to explain.

Why AGA Gets Electrification Wrong

Expert BlogAmanda Levin
The American Gas Association (AGA) is out with a report that attempts to contradict the widely-accepted consensus that electrification—the strategic replacement of fossil-fuel burning appliances, vehicles, and industrial equipment with electric versions powered by clean, renewable electricity—will be a key…

The List: Scott Pruitt's Lies & Distortions—So Far

Expert BlogJake Thompson
When EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt appears before a Senate appropriations subcommittee on Wednesday morning, it’s likely his penchant to lie about his ethical problems and mischaracterize his dangerous agenda will be front and center—again.