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A Climate Strategy for India Scales Up

NRDC in ActionIndiaJeff Turrentine
With the formation of its affiliate in New Delhi, NRDC rises to meet the sustainability challenges of the world's fastest-growing economy.

Top 3 Take-Aways on Electric Vehicles from COP-26

Expert BlogUnited States, InternationalDr. Simon Mui

Some of the biggest announcements were made last week at the COP-26 in Glasgow on “Transport Day.” The focus: zeroing out pollution from some of the world’s dirtiest and climate-busting sources including cars, trucks, ships, 2- and 3-wheelers, and planes.

Paris Climate Agreement: Everything You Need to Know

GuideInternationalMelissa Denchak
The Paris Agreement charted a new course in the effort to combat global climate change, requiring countries to make commitments and progressively strengthen them. Here’s what the accord seeks to achieve, and why our future may depend on its success.

A New Call to National Climate Action

Expert BlogRhea Suh
With the 116th Congress, we now have renewed hope in a legislative branch that is ready to tackle the greatest global threat of our time.

Paris Agreement Rulebook: Tracking Country Progress

Expert BlogJake Schmidt
One of the key elements of the decisions in Poland were rules around the "Transparency and Accountability" provisions to implement the Paris Agreement— how we will track progress and hold countries accountable to deliver their national and international climate commitments…

Will China Save the Planet?

Expert BlogBarbara Finamore
As climate studies grow more urgent and the Trump administration continues to undermine climate action, all eyes are on the world’s biggest country—and currently its biggest polluter—to model the way forward.

The List: Scott Pruitt's Lies & Distortions—So Far

Expert BlogJake Thompson
When EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt appears before a Senate appropriations subcommittee on Wednesday morning, it’s likely his penchant to lie about his ethical problems and mischaracterize his dangerous agenda will be front and center—again.