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LA Becomes Largest CA City to Electrify New Buildings

Expert BlogCalifornia, Los AngelesMegan Ross, Olivia Walker
Los Angeles passed a policy directing new buildings to be constructed to use all-electric energy, a critical action to achieving LA’s community-driven building decarbonization goals.

Multifamily Energy Efficiency Programs Not Sealing the Deal

Expert BlogUnited StatesDr. Veena Singla

As we collectively work to curb emissions, we must ensure that the benefits of energy-efficient buildings are equitably delivered and that the health of all people is protected from toxic chemicals.

Healthy, Clean Energy Buildings Take Center Stage in 2021

Expert BlogUnited StatesAlejandra Mejia Cunningham, Merrian Borgeson, Pierre Delforge

Clean and healthy buildings surged forward as a policy priority in 2021. Buildings—our homes and places of work—are responsible for a quarter of the U.S.’s climate-busting greenhouse gas emissions. Replacing building systems that burn fossil fuels on-site with appliances powered…

Tenant Protections, Good Jobs Key to Decarbonizing Buildings

Expert BlogLos Angeles, CaliforniaMichele Knab Hasson, Merrian Borgeson

In Los Angeles, buildings are the top source of carbon pollution, and the city is taking bold steps to end these harmful emissions completely by 2050. As city leaders and other stakeholders consider how to achieve these emissions reductions equitably…

LA Must Tackle Clean Buildings & Affordable Housing Together

Expert BlogLos Angeles, CaliforniaStefan Schaffer, Michele Knab Hasson, Megan Ross

Currently, LA’s building stock is responsible for 43% of the city’s total greenhouse gas emissions. A recent report dives deep into the complex relationship between getting fossil fuels out of buildings and creating and preserving affordable housing in Los Angeles…

New Program Provides Energy Burden Relief for Tenants in LA

Expert BlogLos Angeles, CaliforniaMichele Knab Hasson

The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power, the largest municipal utility in the country, has worked with advocates to develop a comprehensive program that provides benefits to low income tenants and is accessible by affordable housing providers.

Customers Need Debt Relief: Commissions, Utilities Can Help

Expert BlogUnited StatesSheryl Carter
With millions of Americans drastically behind on their energy and water utility bills, no additional federal assistance on the horizon, and moratoria on utility shutoffs expiring, the United States is facing a deepening economic and public health crisis.

Los Angeles Leads in Easing Consumer Utility Debt

Expert BlogLos Angeles, CaliforniaMichele Knab Hasson
The City of Los Angeles is taking action to address crippling debt accumulated by low-income utility customers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Getting Off Gas Must Benefit Those Burdened by Pollution

Expert BlogMichele Knab Hasson, Merrian Borgeson
Leading California equity groups are calling on the state to take stronger steps to support healthier, more affordable, fossil fuel-free homes, especially for low-income renters and Black, Brown and Indigenous communities. Protecting the health of Californians most impacted by pollution…

Federal Relief Should Support Healthier Energy Efficiency

Expert BlogDr. Veena Singla, Michele Knab Hasson
As millions across the country spend long days indoors during the pandemic, it is more critical than ever to promote healthier, energy efficient homes with safer weatherization materials under federal programs.

Lenders: To Preserve Affordable Housing, Manage Climate Risk

Expert BlogBettina Bergöö
Lower-income renters face significantly greater challenges from weather-related disasters than their wealthier counterparts. Given the current prioritization of homeowners in post-disaster recovery, there is an urgent need for increased investment in pre-disaster preparedness in rental housing.

Healthy Energy Efficiency: The Proof Is in the Materials

Expert BlogMichele Knab Hasson
These new resources shine a light on the efficacy of healthy materials and deepen our understanding of how contractors and industry insiders actually use materials. We hope they are informative and useful and that they whet the appetite for healthier…