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ENERGY STAR Delivers Big for America: Why Put It at Risk?

Expert BlogNoah Horowitz
Imagine owning a brand that’s both well-known and widely trusted by consumers and businesses all over America. Now imagine that it turns a $50 million annual investment into $30+ billion worth of annual customer utility bill savings, and has resulted…

Underinvested Communities Lead to Food Injustices

Expert BlogUnited States, CaliforniaMireya Arana

Mireya Arana, a rising senior at UC Merced, reflects on what can be done to address the food inaccessibility she sees in her hometown of Winterhaven, California.

CA Must Choose Public Health Over Brain-Harming Pesticide

Expert BlogMiriam Rotkin-Ellman
California is the country’s top user of chlorpyrifos, a pesticide linked to learning disabilities in children, using close to a million pounds per year mainly on fruits, nuts, and vegetables.

NRDC Helping to Seed Resilient Energy in Puerto Rico

Expert BlogLuis Martinez
NRDC and our partners helped install a solar energy microgrid for a community group, providing not only relief, but also a replicable model we and others can point to when advocating for a better, more resilient, clean energy path forward.

Vieques Takes Center Stage in Puerto Rico’s Energy Future

Expert BlogLuis Martinez
The site of the project itself is the Fortin Conde de Mirasol, one of the most visited places in Vieques. Built in 1845, this historic site managed by the Puerto Rican Institute of Culture was the last small fort built…