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Latin American Women, Powerful Agents Against Climate Change

Expert BlogCarolina Herrera
El rol que las mujeres tienen en sus comunidades las convierte en agentes cruciales para la acción climática. Afortunadamente, este rol ha sido reconocido por varios países Latinoamericanos que lo han integrado en sus instrumentos de política y compromisos climáticos…

Latin America Continues Climate Action Despite Trump

Expert BlogAmanda Maxwell
Although President Trump has announced his plan to pull the U.S. out of the Paris Agreement, Latin American countries are taking no heed. Trump’s reckless decision may hold America back, but Latin America is moving ahead with determination and urgency…

Climate Action from Latin America to California

Expert BlogCarolina Herrera
As the Trump Administration has walked back from climate commitments, Latin America has continued to be a region we can look to for positive climate action.

i-Tree Eco Now Available in Mexico

Expert BlogErika Moyer
Probably one of the first things you think when you hear the word “trees” is a green and pristine forest, right? But, what about trees in cities? How important are they? Do we care about them in Latin America? I…