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New York State Reaches Deal to Ban Ivory

Press ReleaseNew York
ALBANY (June 17, 2014) – A deal was reached today on a final bill that, when passed, will ban the trade of ivory antiques in the state and increased penalties for traffickers, a move that can make significant progress in…

FERC Storage Rule a Win for a More Flexible Grid

Expert BlogJennifer Chen
The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, the agency overseeing the competitiveness of the wholesale electricity markets and high-voltage interstate transmission grid operators, has finalized a rule that reduces barriers to electric storage resources to compete in those markets. Electric storage resources…

The Great Oyster Crash

DispatchOregon, WestEric Scigliano
Ocean acidification hits the Pacific shellfish industry.

The Fight to Keep Oil and Gas Rigs Out of Our Waters. For Good.

NRDC in ActionAlaska, Florida, California, Washington, United StatesMelissa Denchak
NRDC played a key role in banning offshore drilling in the Arctic and Atlantic. Once again, it’s fighting to protect those oceans—and the rest of America’s waters.

Taking the High Ambition Road to Glasgow

Expert BlogBrendan Guy
President Biden's early actions breathe new energy into the global race to achieve net zero emissions. But leaders from all key countries need to step up ambition further by COP 26 to keep the possibility of holding global warming to…

Govs. Murphy and Cuomo: Block the Williams Pipeline

Expert BlogKimberly Ong
Pressure is building for New Jersey and New York State to block a controversial fracked gas pipeline known as the Northeast Supply Enhancement, or Williams, pipeline. NRDC sent comments to the New Jersey Department of Environmental Conservation, urging them to…

Pushing Our Food System to Extremes

Expert BlogJuanita Constible
As climate change brings on more frequent and severe extreme weather, food shipments will slow and stores will be damaged, limiting access to safe and nutritious food.