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Michigan Public Service Commission Primer

Expert BlogAriana Gonzalez
With big cases pending and coming at the Michigan Public Service Commission (MPSC) that will dictate your monthly utility bill, how cost-effective home solar is, and how much wind, solar, and energy efficiency there will be in the state, it’s…

Bipartisan Effort Brings Attack on Wolves to a Head

Expert BlogNora Apter
Today, a key Senate committee voted to move forward with the bipartisan “HELP for Wildlife Act” (S. 1514), a misleadingly-titled bill containing detrimental anti-wildlife provisions that would harm gray wolves and the Endangered Species Act more broadly.

Chile’s Ongoing Water Crisis: Threats and Needed Actions

Expert BlogChileCarolina Herrera

From too much water to not enough, this critical resource presents unique challenges in the Metropolitan Region (MR) of Chile, the hub of the country’s bustling capital and nearly half of the Chilean population.