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San José Council Votes to Go Carbon Neutral by 2030

Expert BlogCalifornia, San Jose (California)Elizabeth Stampe, Sarah Elkotbeid

San Jose, the nation’s 10th largest city, has emerged as a climate leader in recent years, including by becoming the biggest city in the United States to make almost all new buildings all-electric. But the City’s work isn’t done, as…

Biden Admin Can Mobilize Greater Climate Action With China

Expert BlogHan Chen
Now that the United States is poised to rejoin the Paris Agreement, the Biden-Harris administration should use all the tools in its diplomatic toolkit to drive climate action around the world. It will be particularly critical for the United States…

Time to Act on Climate—with Tax Policy!

Expert BlogMarc Boom
Overhauling our energy tax code is still a way off, but simply extending and updating existing tax incentives could go a long way in setting the stage for deeper climate action.

Congress Charges Ahead on Energy Storage

Expert BlogArjun Krishnaswami
The cost of energy storage is plummeting, and Congress is moving to help storage technologies along. Two bipartisan energy storage innovation bills released today would help advance energy storage technologies and accelerate development of new solutions to meet the emerging…

Census Case Tests Courts' Ability to Check Agency Abuses

Expert BlogIan Fein
NRDC filed a Supreme Court brief in an important case challenging the Trump Administration’s controversial decision to add a citizenship question to the 2020 census. The case will have lasting implications for the allocation of political power in Congress and…

Floods, Fires, and LA’s Future

Expert BlogCorinne Bell
Once the flames have been extinguished, forest fires have a second opportunity to devastate landscapes through flooding, mudslides, and water pollution.

NJ’s Proposed Nuclear Bailout Explained: A Closer Look

Expert BlogDale Bryk
The New Jersey Senate recently introduced a standalone bill to subsidize failing nuclear plants. If enacted, this would be the first state measure to subsidize nuclear power plants in isolation, with no commitment to scale up the energy efficiency and…