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Sleazy Rider

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If the GOP-led Congress gets its way, wildlife could be in big trouble.

Trump Moving Ahead with a Dirty Power Plan

Press Release
WASHINGTON – With the Trump Administration poised to repeal the Clean Power Plan and try eventually to replace it with a fake plan that would aggravate climate change and further threaten public health, the following is a statement from David…

Grid Reliability and Resilience Improve with More Low-Carbon Resources

Press Release
WASHINGTON – Bailing out costly giant power plants will not improve the electric grid’s resiliency but it will increase customer costs and pollution, the director of the Sustainable FERC Project housed within the Natural Resources Defense Council told a House…

Some Hard Truths About Infrastructure

Expert BlogDouglass Sims
When our country was first being built, our vision of infrastructure was one of potentially unlimited expansion and opportunity. Communities and citizens would be linked and supported in ways that fostered growth and prosperity for generations to come.