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Expiring Confusion About Food Date Labels

Expert BlogUnited StatesAndrea Collins

The Food Date Labeling Act would standardize date labels on food packaging and reduce confusion about their meanings which is a leading cause of food waste.

America’s Top Climate Diplomat: John Kerry

Latest NewsUnited StatesJeff Turrentine
For President-elect Biden’s newly created—and much needed—cabinet-level position, Kerry’s passion and experience make him a perfect fit.

California Keeps Climate Action Alive

Expert BlogAnnie Notthoff
Just as Earth Day turned 50 this year, so does NRDC. Here in California, we have come full circle. From the past—the 1969 Santa Barbara oil spill spurred the modern-day environmental movement, and to the future—California’s climate, equity, environmental and…

The Broken Safe Drinking Water Act Won’t Fix the PFAS Crisis

Expert BlogUnited StatesErik D. Olson
The public health crisis with PFAS, or "forever toxic chemicals," in the drinking water of millions of Americans will not be solved by the Safe Drinking Water Act. Why we need to fix the law to protect the public.

Keystone Species 101

GuideInternational, United StatesMelissa Denchak
From coastal tide pools and rolling prairies to African savanna and arctic terrain, the earth is home to myriad ecosystems, each one regulated by interlinking parts, including the creatures that call them home.

Providence Details Energy Efficiency Success—and Recommits

Expert BlogKatharine McCormick
Providence’s third annual municipal energy report shows major savings in city buildings’ energy expenditures. By reducing energy use in municipal buildings, Providence is achieving three aims: reductions of greenhouse gases that contribute to climate change, responsible stewardship of resident health…