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Protecting the Wild

NRDC continues to advocate for protection of our wildlife, land, waters, and oceans, at home and around the world.

Baez v. New York City Housing Authority

Court CaseNew York, New York CityActive
The agency’s failure to remediate mold and moisture in city-owned housing exposes residents to avoidable, sometimes deadly health risks. NRDC and community partners are holding it accountable.

Northern Exposure: The Unseen Loss of Northern Forests

Expert BlogCanada, United States, InternationalJennifer Skene
Over the last 30 years, while the international community has rightly mobilized to combat the rapacious pillaging of tropical forests, Northern countries have successfully deflected attention from themselves, decrying forest loss in the Global South while obfuscating their own destructive…

NRDC v. E. Scott Pruitt et al. (Enlist Duo)

Court CaseUnited StatesClosed
The EPA approved the pesticide Enlist Duo despite its serious risks to people and monarch butterflies. So NRDC challenged the EPA’s decision—and won an important victory.

Cities Respond to COVID Needs by Rescuing Surplus Food

Expert BlogMadeline Keating, Andrea Collins
When businesses closed to help control the spread of the pandemic and millions of people flocked to food pantries and emergency food distributors, Baltimore, Denver, and several cities across the country were well-prepared to respond to the needs of their…

Could the Climate Crisis Spell the End for Maine Lobster?

DispatchMaineNicole Greenfield
The state’s thriving lobster industry owes a lot to smart fishery conservation measures implemented over the past three decades. But given the Gulf of Maine’s rapid warming, how far can these interventions go?