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What Side of History Will Procter & Gamble Be On?

Expert BlogInternationalShelley Vinyard
Procter & Gamble should take responsibility of the impact its tissue products have on our planet and climate-critical forests like the Canadian boreal.

During Climate Week, Companies Must Focus on Canada’s Boreal

Expert BlogInternational, United States, CanadaShelley Vinyard

We must do more to protect intact forests like Canada's boreal for the sake of the climate. Join NRDC for a panel discussion on September 24th in NYC about how U.S. demand for toilet paper and other throwaway tissue products…

Moved and Motivated by the Women of the World

Expert BlogRhea Suh
The chance to meet with women from all walks of life during a recent trip to India inspired me beyond expectations—and continues to on this International Women’s Day.

Can We Talk About Toilet Paper?

Expert BlogAnthony Swift
We’re destroying forest ecosystems—and ancient, sacred First Nations communities—to satisfy the market for this everyday consumer product. We can and must do better.