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National Goal Urged to Curb Livestock Antibiotic Use by 50%

Expert BlogUnited StatesDavid Wallinga, MD

For the first time since COVID-19 struck, presidential advisors just met in-person to discuss future pandemic threats. With recent evidence showing FDA efforts to curb livestock antibiotic overuse to help slow the global spread of deadly superbugs, NRDC is urging…

Food Donations from Farms Guide

In many communities, there is a particularly acute need for donation of fresh fruits and vegetables and other farm-fresh products,and whether growers live in surrounding areas or are part of the growing “urban ag” movement, they can play an important…

Time to Act on Climate—with Tax Policy!

Expert BlogMarc Boom
Overhauling our energy tax code is still a way off, but simply extending and updating existing tax incentives could go a long way in setting the stage for deeper climate action.